Easy Chicken Tacos! Made with tender and juicy pan seared chicken thighs that have been generously seasoned with Mexican spices, and finished with bright lime and cilantro. It’s a recipe you can have ready in 30 minutes!

Quick and Easy Chicken Tacos

These will quickly become a favorite weeknight dinner recipe! And they make great leftovers too, that is of course if there happens to be a single bite size piece left.

You’ll love these tacos because not only are they super fast and incredibly flavorful, but no grill is required and they are brimming with delicious, fresh Mexican flavor!

And the way the chicken perfectly browns up (even blackens a little) and get’s nice crispy edges in a hot skillet is completely satisfying.

Then for serving, you’ve got options. You can serve with just the staples – onion, cilantro and lime. Like a street taco.

Or you can go all out and pile them up with lettuce, queso fresco (or other Mexican cheese), pico de gallo, guacamole or avocado, grilled corn, pickled onions or jalapeños, or loads of Mexican hot sauce.

I usually like to add the works when I’ve got time. But really this chicken is so good you could eat it all on it’s own with a side of Mexican rice and you’d still have an amazing dinner!

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