Our favorite Minestrone Soup recipe! It’s brimming with fresh vegetables, a savory broth, and you get an enticing flavor boost from a bit of pancetta. A simple soup that’s just what you need after a long chilly day.

Quick and Easy Minestrone Soup

Minestrone is a healthy, vegetable based soup that often includes beans, pasta, herbs and broth. Here we skip the pasta but we’ve upgraded it with pancetta, a rich and flavorful Italian style pork that’s similar to bacon.

Without it minestrone can be a bit bland and boring, it offers this soup a little something extra that will leave everyone wanting more. And a little will go a long way, you just want that depth of flavor not an overpowering flavor.

The other thing you’ll love about this soup is that you only need one herb, not an entire list. Rosemary perfectly compliments all the flavors here. But stick with fresh to really highlight the soup.

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