Steamed Eggs are the only way I make “hard boiled” eggs anymore! They are super easy to prepare and there are endless ways to use them. They even make a nutritious midday snack!

Why Steam Eggs?

  • They’re easy to peel.
  • They cook more evenly.
  • Eggs are more tender.

The number one reason is that steamed eggs peel so easy! The egg shell peels away perfectly, it slides right off with minimal effort. The first time I tried it years ago I was amazed.

I got so tired of egg shells sticking to traditional hard boiled eggs, and I had tried everything. Ice bath, salt, vinegar, baking soda, older eggs, etc.

I tried every little trick the internet said it had and I’d still often end with scraggly, dimpled, bumpy, horribly misshapen and just sad looking boiled eggs. Because frequently the white just kept sticking to the peel.

Thankfully, I came upon this method and I’ve been hooked ever since. I felt like a real chef once I figured out this simple steamed egg trick.

I really think you’ll love this method too, it’s the best way to make “hard boiled” eggs! Who doesn’t love a simple trick that can make things easier in the kitchen?

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