An easy Homemade Italian Dressing recipe! It’s incredibly flavorful, brightly zesty, vibrant and tangy, perfectly herby, and it’s the crowning finish to a fresh, crisp green salad. So much to savor within every taste of it.

Zesty Italian Salad Dressing

One of the best sides is a simple salad of lettuce and mixed vegetables paired with a delicious dressing like this to toss over and highlight everything.

But it has got to be a good dressing, not just some watery, flavorless, waste of ingredients.

This dressing has so much flavor, and it even includes parmesan cheese. You read that right, cheese added right into the dressing!

It tastes like the infamous Italian dressing from Olive Garden but fresher, richer and more flavorful!

You’ll love that it’s made with basic everyday ingredients you likely keep on hand, so you can make it anytime you want a homemade salad dressing.

Turn a boring, everyday salad into something to get excited about eating with this easy dressing recipe!

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