The best classic Tomato Soup recipe! It’s made with canned San Marzano tomatoes, rich butter and optional cream, flavorful onions and garlic, a savory broth, and herby, vibrant¬†fresh basil. So much simple goodness in every bowl!

Best Classic Tomato Soup Recipe!

One of my favorite lunches is this homemade tomato soup from scratch paired with a sourdough grilled cheese for dipping. Talk about delicious!

This soup is so basic and so easy yet it’s so flavorful. It’s proof that the simplest ingredients brought together can create something perfectly delicious, well balanced in flavor, and just simply satisfying.

Building up flavor with ingredients that have concentrated flavor is key and this soup is brimming with them. The other great thing here is the decadent butter mellowing out the acidity of the tomatoes and enriching their flavor.

And you’ll love the smooth texture of this soup, it’s perfectly sip-able and cozy as can be!

Pair it with a sandwich, salad or a hearty protein for a complete meal. Or for a simple quick meal just pair it with fresh bread (I recommend my no knead bread) or cheese toast for dunking.

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